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With years of experience in developing B2C, B2B and Intranet solutions, we can ensure your site is not only delivered on time and on budget, but that it works towards your business goals.

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 Windows Mobile

Dev-Fx Software offers professional custom J2ME development. Our J2ME developers research the latest technological innovations to create leading-edge software for mobile phones and custom business applications.

J2ME Developers

J2ME Development Services

  • Development of custom J2ME applications, easily portable to all mobile phone models
  • Development of custom designed programs for J2ME devices with specific capabilities.
  • J2EE development for client/server software.


Expert J2ME Solutions

The added value of our developers' technological background is our ability to provide the integrated development services:

  • Developing customer’s requirements from general concept to complete solution
  • Study feasibility of software development on J2ME or other mobile platforms
  • Design user-friendly interfaces for a small screen
  • Added usability and value features


J2ME Developers’ Expertise

Our J2ME developers ensure that you get the most from today’s multifunctional mobile phone. 

Camera Phone Solutions
  • Applications for still and video capture
  • Incoming SMS & MMS camera solutions
  • Transfer images and video to the server by GPRS or by MMS to a mobile phone.

Multimedia Software

  • Applications to play back audio and video on J2ME phone
  • Processing a real time video stream

SMS Solutions

  • SMS applications for J2ME phones
  • SMS triggers sent to start applications, control camera, network access, and other application functions

MMS Solutions

  • Multimedia content sent via MMS to J2ME applications
  • Multimedia content sent via MMS to the user’s mobile phone
Wireless Access to the WEB server

Web Services

  • Access to public Web Services such as content provision
  • Data synchronizing between J2ME applications and the office central database

Bluetooth Solutions

  • Mobile phone equipment control
  • J2ME Bluetooth applications for barcode, GPS or other devices
  • Phone-to-phone communications via Bluetooth

J2ME Developers’ Skills Summary

  • MIDP1.0 and MIDP2.0 development using Sun Microsystems’s WTK2.1-WTK2.3
  • Original, full-screen and resizable interface design
  • Record storage/distribution management
  • Mobile Media API (JSR-135) to control camera, microphone, network connection and other mobile phone multimedia components
  • Code Sign Certificates to prioritize application functions without repetitive permission requests
  • Wireless Messaging API (JSR-120) for SMS communications
  • Push Registry to start the operation on demand
  • HTTP Connections for phone-to-server communications
  • J2ME Web Services APIs
  • Security and Trust Services API for J2ME
  • PDA Profile for J2ME (JSR-75)

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