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Java Desktop Development

Dev-Fx developers apply up-to-date technologies to build Java desktop applications.

We have been using Eclipse RCP 3.1 since its release in June 2005, when we discovered a potential for significant cost reduction in our customers' projects.

Eclipse Related Services

  • Eclipse/RCP plug-in development
  • Desktop software development
  • RCP-based client applications
  • Enterprise solutions with RCP front-end and J2EE back-end
  • Migration of legacy applications to Eclipse RCP using IBM Workplace and OLE objects, which allows smooth and gradual transition.

What is Eclipse?

Eclipse is an open-source plug-in based framework for Java software development. This is the fastest growing development platform supported by industry leaders. The popularity of this platform makes many ready-to-use plug-ins available for custom projects, which reduces the project cost and time-to-market.

Eclipse RCP provides a set of plug-ins for development of rich desktop applications. It helps enhance the functionality of your custom project and enriches its visual representation.

Eclipse RCP License allows development of closed-source software products.

Featured Case Study


Business need:

Our customer needed a multiplatform desktop application for their office phone system with rich graphics and low-cost extension capabilities.


Dev-Fx developed Java desktop software for managing telephone extensions. We used Eclipse RCP to address the most critical project requirements at a low cost.


  • Customizable UI with skin support
  • Modular structure
  • Easy support due to the auto-update function
  • Reduced costs of software extension

Eclipse RCP Advantages

When appropriate, Dev-Fx's Java programmers recommend Eclipse RCP for our customers' software projects:

  • User interface is built using the native visual elements of the deployment platform, which makes software familiar to the user.
  • An Auto-update function reduces software update cost, and the user always has an up-to-date version of the application.
  • Plug-in based development produces a modular structure and allows selected modules to be put together in different software versions.
  • We reduce software cost using numerous third-party plug-INS - texts, HTML and table editors, integration tools, information visualization tools, and more.
  • We integrate commercial platforms having Eclipse plug-ins easily and cost-effectivly.
  • We can integrate Office applications into your software product using supported OLE technology.
  • We develop high-quality Help files using the built-in Eclipse RCP Help system, which reduces the learning curve for users.

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