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Information security is a mission-critical issue for businesses of all sizes today.

Company management, clients, investors all demand guaranty that their proprietary information is protected. Dev-Fx offers you professional security consulting services committed to effectively protect your software from existing security threats.

WHY Dev-Fx

Delivery of secure software solution is our business. Once we start a new software system development, security requirements are always taken into account by Dev-Fx engineers as a key priority.

Our experts address software security measures proactively right from the project inception, when we design software architecture for your future solution. This is how we ensure that every solution delivered by Dev-Fx is secure.

We have established a reputation of providing top notch security consultancy to large enterprises and small companies. Our security engineers have leading edge experience in helping customers to detect and fix security holes at all layers: Application, System and Network layers.



We have knowledge and use the most effective tools, products and technologies to provide proactive implementation of security measures to all known security threats.

Products and Technologies

Our security protection toolkit includes the following products, techniques and technologies that have proved themselves over the long time:


  • IBM Tivoli Access Manager
  • IBM WebSphere WS-Security Support
  • IBM Directory Server
  • Microsoft Directory Server
  • BouncyCaslte.org library
  • JCE


  • SSL
  • WS-Security
  • LDAP

We Address the Threats
  • Spoofing identity
  • Tampering with data
  • Information disclosure
  • Repudiation
  • Denial of service
  • Elevation of privileges


Our software developers follow a number of principles and approaches that completely protect applications against the described threats.


We encrypt all private information such as passwords, credit card numbers or other sensitive information when your application communicates data with a remote client.


We implement authentication using passwords or digital client certificates. Authentication allows our customers to confirm the user's identity. This information can be used to keep tracking of all users activities in a system should customers need that.

Digital signatures

We use digital signatures to make sure the information was not changed after it had been released. Any information such as files, documents, communication artifacts and other data can be signed with digital signatures.


We check whether a user who was identified in authentication process has sufficient privileges to perform an asked action or access the requested information. It is a crucial concept for any application aimed at supporting multiple user roles.

Keeping an audit trail

We are keeping an audit trail for any application that stores private data or provides services. Every action performed by a user - from visiting a Web page up to accessing a specific software area - can be recorded and reflected in audit records inside the application.

Modular design for application

We design solutions in modular mode to offer customer additional security protection. Properly designed modules always share minimum data and do not allow other modules to intervene in their work. If attackers by any chance get control over a certain module, they will still unable to damage any other parts of the same application.

Input validation

Should our customer need so, we always offer input validation functionality in our systems. No system user can submit a code or a database command that will be able to break its pages, or - which is much more critical - corrupt or erase the stored data.

Limiting allocated resources

To prevent your system from the problems such as DOS attacks, we will design your system in a way that all the expensive activities are not available for public use. If such DOS attack ever happens, attackers will not be able to make your application highly busy and delay critical processes.

The principle of least authority

According to this principle, we design the system that grants to any application user as minimum privileges and permissions as they need to play their business role and perform the required actions.

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