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Research findings show that 60 percent of home buyers are using the Internet to get home buying information and by 2005, that number will be as high as 80 percent.* Why are homebuyers turning to the Internet before talking to their local Realtors? Therefore using real estate software makes a whole lot of sense.
*(Source: National Association of Realtors)

How does a real estate website benefit the customer?

  • Internet technologies make searching easier. Database technologies have enabled brokers, agents and third-parties to distribute and display more information about listings, loans, and other home buying information than ever possible before.
  • To make a competitive bid on a home, get the right loan at the right rate, and appear somewhat knowledgeable before making such an investment, many buyers feel that they have to start the information gathering process far ahead of talking to a Realtor. Therefore Realtors who have a website have a competitive edge.
  • Where else can buyers take a virtual tour of a home's interior, view loan products and calculators to buy the home, find neighborhood and ask questions of the listing agent all at the same place? This is something akin to the personalized service they receive from a real estate agent.
  • Adding to the appeal of the Internet is its 24-hour service, enabling these buyers to do their homework at their own pace. They can search for homes after the children go to bed, or at work using the boss' high-speed Internet access.

Having a real estate website can help you capture this market.

How does a real estate website benefit you as a real estate broker?

  • A web site saves time. You don't need to lug out those bulky catalogs for each customer and people putting up their properties for sale. Using real estate software can web enable the whole process.
  • You are not restricted to a particular area. A website lets you explore larger territories.
  • You can sit in an office in a centralized location and manage deals happening around the state/country.

Real Estate Software Development has many benefits.These features can easily be customized for your website using real estate software.

How can you as a broker realize an ROI on the real estate website?

  • Let the buyer and the seller use the real estate website for free but charge them for financial assistance
  • Charge seller a commission properties are sold.
  • Charge buyers commission when properties are bought.
  • Charge both buyers and sellers to use facilities of the website.
  • Make the website free and profit out of advertisements on the website .

Decided to outsource?
If you are interested in web enabling your real estate process, outsource your real estate software development needs to us. Please fill in our inquiry form and our Client Engagement Team will contact you shortly.

We can help you make informed decisions that will solidify your business or presence on the web and allow your web venture to expand and grow. We focus on your web site and your customer and aim to make their experience a positive one.

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